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Our Top Tips To Keep Your Skin From Ageing!

1. Use a tightening and hydrating mask For tighter, glowing skin try a clay mask such as the Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask. The nourishing, tightening and hydrating ingredients will plump your skin to make it appear fresher and more youthful with the appearance of fine lines such as wrinkles reduced. 2. Avoid products with parabens and SLS Over 75% of skincare products available to buy contain parabens and SLS, so be careful! Parabens and SLS have been linked to the irritation of skin conditions such as dermatitis and rosacea and are very harsh chemicals that can mess with the reproduction of skin cells, causing you to appear 'dull' and age faster than usual.  Read ingredients and be sure to choose a skincare routine or brand...

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Why Choose Vegan & Cruelty Free Skin-Care!

Vegan Products:This means the product contains NO animal ingredients or animal by-products. Cruelty-Free Products:Both the product and its individual ingredients have not been tested on animals. In today’s world, the word "vegan" is thrown around, a lot. And if you’ve ever seen a skin-care product labeled “vegan” recently and thought huh?, I'd understand your confusion, I mean, it's not like there are masks made of actual meat or eye creams made of egg and chicken (thankfully), but you’d be surprised with how many skin-care brands do contain animal products.  You also may be surprised by how many of your favorite skin-care products may also be tested on animals! Animal tests for skin-care products include skin and eye irritation tests where chemicals...

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What's the deal with Australian Pink Clay Masks?

An Australian pink clay mask is quickly becoming a must-have skin-care product that fits so seamlessly into everyone's routine. Whether it’s used for tightening pores, cleansing, and detoxifying skin, reducing inflammation or preventing breakouts, Australian pink clay has many benefits for your skin and there are no doubts on why it's taking the world by storm. Pink clay is a form of kaolin clay and is a combination of white clay and red clay, safe for all types of sensitive skin! Red kaolin clay is great for very oily skin while white kaolin clay is the opposite and is mild on the skin. Therefore, pink clay is the perfect combination of both these clays. Pink clay helps to restore and replenish skin with moisture while...

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How to Achieve Glowy Summer Skin All Year Round

Whatever time of the year it is, I think we can all agree that nothing beats a gorgeous, healthy, and glowy complexion.  You hear the word 'glowy' thrown around all the time these days, but when you get right down to it, what does everyone mean by “glowy” and how is it actually a sign of healthy skin? Well, glowy skin is healthy, vibrant and hydrated skin! And here are our top tips to achieve that healthy, glowy look, all year round! 1: Cleanse regularly  The key is to clear your 'canvas' regularly. To maintain a healthy glow, cleansing and cleaning your face is a crucial step irrespective of the season. We recommend washing your face in the morning and...

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